The chakra yantras in color, as referenced in the book
Tantra, Yoga of Ecstasy:
The Sadhaka's Guide to Kundalini and the Left-Hand Path
The yantras are in order, with the crown (sahasrara) at the top, and the root chakra (muladhara) at the bottom.
sahasrara yantra Sahasrara
Bija mantra - Aum
Color - All colors
ajna yantra Ajna
Bija tattwa mantra - Aum
Color - Yellow
Planet - Sun
vishudda yantra Vishuddha
Element - Akasha
Bija tattwa mantra - Ha “huh”
Color - Violet
Planet - Mercury
anahata yantra Anahata
Element - Air
Bija tattwa mantra - Ya “yuh”
Colors - Sky Blue
Planet - Venus
manipura yantra Manipura
Element - Fire
Bija tattwa mantra - Ra “ruh”
Colors - Red
Planet - Mars
svadhisthana yantra Svadhisthana
Element - Water
Bija tattwa mantra - Va “vuh”
Colors - Green
Planet - Jupiter
muladhara yantra Muladhara
Element - Earth
Bija tattwa mantra - La “luh”
Colors - Browns
Planet - Saturn

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